Article Information

Journal: Business and Economics Research Journal

Title of Article: The Effects of Job Rotation Practices on Motivation: A Research on Managers in the Automotive Organizations

Author(s): Kurtulus Kaymaz

Volume: 1

Number: 3

Year: 1

Page: 69 – 85

ISSN: 1309-2448


Job rotation is a job design approach widely used by many companies at various hierarchical levels. By adopting the human structure of the company with technical processes, job rotation is the consequence of effort and determination. In Turkey it can be said that it is companies with a majority of foreign capital who have successfully applied this technique with the aim of improving workers performance. To reach this goal the first condition is to ensure that job rotation practices generate the expected effect on an employee’s motivation. From this angle, decreasing monotony, preparing the employee for management, defining the most productive job/position and increasing the level of knowledge and skills are the functions by which the said motivational effect will be achieved. Consequently this study aimed to test the established hypothesis expressed as ‘job rotation practices have a positive effect on motivation’. In this context, the research results verified that job rotation applications effect motivation.

Keywords: Job design, Job rotation, Motivation, Employee performance, Job enlargement

JEL Classification: M50, M54

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