Changing ISSN (15 March, 2018)

The orjinal title of our journal was “─░sletme ve Ekonomi Arastirmalari Dergisi” and had ISSN:1309-2448 number. The English title was “Business and Economics Research Journal (BERJ)”. In practise, we were using English title, not Turkish title. Therefore we have changed the orginal title like that “Business and Economics Research Journal (BERJ)” and have a new ISSN number (ISSN: 2619-9491) because of changing title. The new ISSN is effective from 15 March, 2018.

Call for Papers (General)

Business and Economics Research Journal (ISSN: 2619-9491) is a peer-reviewed journal which is published online and four times in a year. The aim of Business and Economics Research Journal is to publish theoretical and applied research in business management, economics, public finance, labor economics, and econometrics for contributing to the national and international social sciences literature. We are calling for submission of papers.