Publication Policy


Publication Policy

  • Business and Economics Research Journal (BERJ) is an open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal published electronically and quarterly (January, April, July, and October). Each issue is published in the last week of the relevant month.
  • The publication language of the Journal is English and Turkish. At least half of the articles published in each number are aimed to be in the English language (Beginning from 06/2022).
  • Manuscripts submitted to the Journal must be in the type of “research study”. Manuscripts in the “review” type are not included in the preliminary evaluation and/or peer-review process (Beginning from 06/2022).
  • While manuscripts derived from doctoral theses are accepted, manuscripts from master’s theses are not taken into the process (Beginning from 05/2023).
  • Manuscripts submitted to the Journal must not have been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • For manuscripts submitted to the Journal, there is a manuscript submission fee. The submission fee is not refundable if the manuscript is rejected after the peer-reviewing process or withdrawn in the process (See the Manuscript Submission section for details).
  • In manuscripts with multiple authors, the corresponding author should be indicated. In cases where the corresponding author is not specified, the author who sends the manuscript to the Journal and communicates with the Journal is accepted as the corresponding author.
  • Manuscripts submitted to the Journal should be appropriate for the scope and writing rules of the Journal. Manuscripts that do not comply with the scope and/or writing rules of the Journal are rejected without preliminary evaluation.
  • Submitted manuscripts that comply with the journal’s scope and instructions for authors are taken into preliminary evaluation by the Editor or the Editorial Board in terms of originality, contribution to the literature, language, research and publication ethics, etc.
  • Manuscripts submitted to the Journal must comply with the international principles of research and publication ethics. Studies that contain ethical violations are rejected at this preliminary evaluation stage.
  • Manuscripts submitted to the Journal are also subjected to a similarity/plagiarism scanning by using a plagiarism screening program, or the authors are asked to conduct this plagiarism scanning and send the plagiarism report to BERJ.
  • Manuscripts that pass the preliminary evaluation stage are sent to at least two or more external referees assigned by the editor and/or editorial board.
  • Two positive reports are required for a manuscript to be accepted for publication. In case one referee report is negative while the other is positive, the manuscript is sent to a third referee for additional evaluation.
  • The final evaluation and final decision for all manuscripts for which the referees have given a positive opinion are made by the editor and/or editorial board.
  • Maximum of one article by an author, including co-authored articles, is published in an issue. This rule cannot apply to special issues.


Open Access Policy

BERJ is an open-access journal. In this context, BERJ provides immediate access to its content on the principle that making papers freely available to the public supports a greater global knowledge exchange.


Copyright and License

For all articles published in BERJ, copyright is retained by the authors. The authors authorize BERJ to publish the article and identify itself as the original publisher. Open access articles published in BERJ are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) License. That license permits sharing, copying, reproduction, and adaptation of the work in any size and format except for commercial use, including remixing, transforming, and building upon the work, provided proper attribution is given to the original work.