Article Information

Journal: Business and Economics Research Journal

Title of Article: Bir Yönetim Modeli Önerisi: Toplam Entropi Yönetimi
[Suggestion of a Management Model: Total Entropy Management]

Author(s): Goksel Alpan, Ismail Efil

Volume: 2

Number: 1

Year: 2011

Page: 53 – 87

ISSN: 1309-2448


Entropy” can be defined as the measure of disorder, uncertainty and consumed energy in a system or in the Universe. In the study, entropy concept is used as metaphor and it is aimed to construct the conceptual basis of a new management model which can be utilized to manage all entropy sources effectively. The study is conveyed with a multidisciplinary and holistic approach and by the use of qualitative research techniques. In the study, it is examined the relations of the entropy concept with different disciplines like civilization history, sociology, economy, political sciences, ecology, environmental ethics, classical physics, quantum physics, nanotechnology, genetic science, information theory, network science, system theory, business management etc. and after the evaluation of the findings, it is constructed the conceptual basis of a new management model. At the beginning of the study, entropy concept is defined in detail and related concepts like social entropy, information entropy, negative entropy, heat death, matter chaos, entropic efficiency etc. are explained. Afterwards, important global entropy sources are examined and relations of the concept with actual political, economical, ecological, social and managerial problems and concepts are explained. The main aim of the study is to construct the conceptual basis of a new management model called “Total Entropy Management” which can be applied to governmental organizations, non profit organizations and business enterprises to be able to manage all entropy sources effectively.

Keywords: Entropy, Entropy management, Organizational management, Energy, Ecology

JEL Classification: M10, M14, Q01