Article Information
Journal: Business and Economics Research Journal
Title of Article: Relationships among Leader Effectiveness, Learning Orientation, Effective Communication, Team Creativity and Service Innovation in the Service Sector
Author(s): Zafer Adiguzel
Volume: 10
Number: 1
Year: 2019
Page: 131-148
ISSN: 2619-9491
DOI Number: 10.20409/berj.2019.159
If the companies in the service sector do not express themselves correctly and do not provide the required service, they fall behind in the competition race and have to leave the sector. Thus, the effect of leadership within senior managers on employees is reflected in organisation performance, which gain more importance every day. The purpose of this study is to analyse the relationships between the variables of leader effectiveness, learning orientation and effective communication, and team creativity and service innovation. As a result of our analyses, it was determined that leadership effectiveness and learning orientation have a positive impact on effective communication, team creativity, and service innovation. This indicates that if an organisation has effective leadership and learning orientation, it positively contributes to effective communication, team creativity, and service innovation in the service sector. 348 questionnaires collected from white-collar employees were used for evaluation; factor and reliability analysis were conducted on the Likert scale questions; correlation analysis was carried out to examine the relationships between variables; regression analysis was performed to test the hypotheses.

Keywords: Leadership Effectiveness, Learning Orientation, Effective Communication, Team Creativity, Service Innovation

JEL Classification: L20, L84, M10, D83

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