A Study on the Factors Affecting Student’s Satisfaction in E-learning: A Model Proposition

Article Information
Journal:Business and Economics Research Journal
Title of Article:A Study on the Factors Affecting Student’s Satisfaction in E-learning: A Model Proposition
Author(s):Baris Kantoglu, Orhan Torkul, Remzi Altunisik

In this study, relative importance of factors affecting student satisfaction in the context of e-learning are examined. Following a detailed literature review on student satisfaction on e-learning, a model was proposed explaining student satisfaction in the context of e-learning. The factors included in the model are grouped under five headings, formed by fifteen sub-factors. These sub factors are, student-instructor interaction, student’s level of computer usage, student’s attitude towards computer use, instructor’s interest in e-learning, quality of course materials, traceability of student’s development, ease of use of the e-learning system, accessibility to system, quality of interaction with the system, quality, flexibility, currency of the materials, university support services, student tracking and course management. A questionnaire was carried out on 562 students attending to e-learning programs at various levels in order to test the proposed research model. Exploratory factor analysis suggested that the ten factors solution was a better solution than fifteen factors solution. Furthermore, regression analysis findings indicated that only six of the ten factors tend to influence student satisfaction in e-learning.

Keywords:Customer satisfaction, Information Systems, E-learning student satisfaction, exploratory factor analysis regression analysis.

JEL Classification:L86, M15, M31

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