Article Information

Journal:Business and Economics Research Journal

Title of Article:The Mediating Role of Interpersonal Deviance on Effects of Emotional Labor to Job Performance and Intention to Quit

Author(s): Memduh Begenirbas, Abdullah Calıskan

Volume: 5

Number: 2

Year: 2014




In this study, the effects of service employees’ job performance and intentions to quit on their displays of emotional labor are examined. Also, the mediating role of interpersonal deviance on these effects are also observed. For this purpose, data are obtained and analyzed from 403 private service employees’ working in Ankara. The relations and effects between variables are presented by correlation and regression analyses. The validity of scales are measured with structural equation model. According to the findings, it is seen that employees’ emotional labors have significant effects on their job performance and intention to quit the job. Particularly, it is found that while job performances of employees who act surfacely are low, but their intentions to quit are high. It is observed that interpersonal deviance has negative contribution to the employees’ job performance, but positive contribution to the intention to quit. And also, coming through that interpersonal deviance has partial mediating role between emotional labor and job performance and intention to quit. Due to the findings of this study, recommendations are given for the managers of service sector to recruit and maintain productive and effective service emplooyees.

Keywords:Emotional Labor job performance, intention to quit, interpersonal deviance.

JEL Classification:M10, M12, D23

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