The Effects of Management Control on Employees’ Behavior Performance: A Case in Pharmaceutical Companies

Article Information

Journal: Business and Economics Research Journal

Title of Article: Yönetim Kontrolünün Çalışanların Davranış Performansına Etkisi: İlaç Şirketlerinde Bir Uygulama
[The Effects of Management Control on Employees’ Behavior Performance: A Case in Pharmaceutical Companies]

Author(s): Rahmi Yucel, Selim Sait Eren

Volume: 1

Number: 4

Year: 1

Page: 97 – 118

ISSN: 1309-2448


This survey study aims to explore the relations among the formal and informal control, employees’ orientations, and behavior performance. For this purpose, the research uses structured equation modeling to investigate the relationships of the variables. The research was carried out within 121 pharmaceutical companies operating in Marmara Region, and used a questionnaire to determine 560 medical sales representatives’ perceptions. According to the research findings; process control has direct and indirect positive effects on informal controls, control-related orientation of representatives, and their behavior performance. However, output control doesn’t affect directly any research variables except social control. In addition, informal controls are correlated to control-related orientations and behavior performance as formal controls. Particularly, self control has significant direct and indirect effect on behavior performance through control-related orientations. In this respect, the study provides contribution to understand the interaction between formal and informal controls and their effects on behavior performance.

Keywords: Management control, Formal and informal control, Learning orientation, Performance orientation, Behavior performance, Structured equation modeling

JEL Classification: M39, M49, M10 Full Text