Revenue Administrations and Corruption: Motivations, Opportunities and Fighting Methods

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Journal: Business and Economics Research Journal

Title of Article: Gelir İdareleri ve Yolsuzluk: Motivasyonlar, Fırsatlar ve Mücadele Yolları
[Revenue Administrations and Corruption: Motivations, Opportunities and Fighting Methods]

Author(s): Serkan Benk, Birol Karakurt

Volume: 1

Number: 4

Year: 1

Page: 133 – 148

ISSN: 1309-2448


Revenue administration is very important for a state’s economic development as it significantly affects its public expenditures capacity. But corruption in revenue administration can have a serious impact on fiscal sustainability by reducing the tax revenue of a government. Corruption in revenue administration also discourages honest taxpayers by making the black-market a more attractive alternative. Revenue administration is an attractive sector for corruption to take place as the opportunities and motivations to engage in illicit activity are numerous. The complexity of tax systems, the high discretionary powers of tax officials, the low cost of punishment, the pressure from tax evaders are only some factors creating environment for corruption in revenue administration. The aim of this study is to examine opportunities, motivations and fighting methods of corruption in revenue administrations.

Keywords: Revenue administration, Corruption, Taxation, Public financial management

JEL Classification: H83, D73 Full Text