New Solutions to Old Debates: A New Transaction Tax Proposal

Article Information
Journal:Business and Economics Research Journal
Title of Article:New Solutions to Old Debates: A New Transaction Tax Proposal
Author(s):S. Cagri Esener, Mine Binis

From 1980s to today social welfare idea was changed and a neoliberal economic thought takes its place. In 1989, Berlin Wall and then Soviet Union was collapsed which is also the reason for free market system and privatization in transition economies of Eastern Europe. Developing countries in general were also modified their trade and competing policies. Today, globalization has lifting the barriers on capital inflows but also the financial transactions. From another view, it changes policies and triggers integration of world economies. As a result of this process, taxation of international transactions is becoming a more interesting subject in time being. As known, the growing international financial activities and transactions have also some effects on the countries’ financial structure, direct or indirect ways. Since 1990s, these increases have some benefits for helping to overcome the problems of liquidity or investment. On the other hand, it has some financial instability kind contrary effects which make countries’ development process into question. In this study, financial transaction phenomenon will discuss and then taxation proposes will suggest for instability cases.

Keywords:Financial Transaction Tax, Tobin, Spahn, Robin Hood, International Taxation

JEL Classification:D53, F40, N20, P45 Full Text