Changes in Urban Space and People’s Residence Preferences: The Case of Bursa

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Business and Economics Research Journal
Title of Article: Changes in Urban Space and People’s Residence Preferences: The Case of Bursa
Author(s): Elif Karakurt Tosun, Zerrin Firat
Volume: 3
Number: 1
Year: 2012
Page: 173-195
ISSN: 1309-2448


In the 21st century, housing has various functions such as investment, sign of status in social structure, auxiliary asset to financial assurance apart from meeting people’s need of shelter. Criteria which determine individuals’ choice of housing differ in parallel with the functions of housing. In this study, effects of spatial and cultural changes on housing perception witnessed in urban structure together with the process of globalization are mentioned; concept and functions of housing are evaluated. In this sense, it is aimed to determine the elements which influence housing choices of individuals in Bursa. Perspective of individuals living in Bursa towards the concept of housing and criteria they have considered or will consider in selecting residences are studied with face-to-face survey method. Determination of criteria about housing to be purchased by individuals helps city managers and planers in taking and implementing decision in the process of forming urban areas physically in parallel with the requirements of individuals, but in a way that supports city plans.

Keywords:Globalization processes, meaning of housing, housing preferences, Bursa

JEL Classification:R14, R21 Full Text