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Business and Economics Research Journal
Title of Article: Accounting Education in Turkey and Professional Accountant Candidates Expectations from Accounting Education: Uludag University Application
Author(s): Elif Yucel, Mehlika Sarac, Adem Cabuk
Volume: 3
Number: 1
Year: 2012
Page: 91-108
ISSN: 1309-2448 


The aim of this study is to determine to what extent the accounting education, that has a long history in our country, covered the expectations of students in the faculty of economics and administrative sciences who are the today’s accountant candidates and to evaluate the results achieved. For this purpose, firstly required quality of accounting education was focused in this study than the progress of the accounting profession and accounting education within the historical process as well as its current status were primarily attempted to be put forward. Then, a survey was conducted in the faculty of economics and administrative sciences at Uludag University that is the one of the biggest universities in Turkey, in order to determine expectations of the accountant candidates from the accounting education and to see to what extent these expectations have already been met by higher education institutions. As a result of this survey, accounting education at the higher education institutions was found out to be inefficient due to responses received from the students. Also, valuable opinions and suggestions in terms of what should be altered within the accounting education system/curriculums, in order to increase accounting education quality by this way meet the needs and expectations of students, were obtained.

Keywords:Accounting Education, Professional Accountant Candidates, International Accounting Education Standards

JEL Classification:M41, I21

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