A Field Study for Factors Effecting Individuals’ Usage of Internet Banking

Article Information
Journal:Business and Economics Research Journal
Title of Article:A Field Study for Factors Effecting Individuals’ Usage of Internet Banking
Author(s):Ali Bayrakdaroğlu

The purpose of this study is to identify the factors affecting the use of internet banking as one of the banking services, and to determine relationship of the demographic characteristics of customers with these factors. For this purpose, six hypotheses have been developed within the framework of the research model. A questionnaire form was developed to determine these factors and was applied in 5 provinces in the Aegean region. From the all questionnaire applied, only 525 of them provided useable data. The data obtained were analyzed in steps by factor analysis, regression analysis, t-test and Anova analysis. According to results of the study, it is determined that especially security and privacy, then factors such as trust, being innovative, ease of use, awareness, quality of internet connection, the effect of social environment and ability to use computer had impact on the use of internet banking. Furthermore, evaluations of factors that affect the usage of internet banking vary according to demographic characteristics of individuals.

Keywords:Internet Banking, Costumer Perception, ANOVA

JEL Classification:G21, D91, O52

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