Young Consumers’ Perspectives of Website Visualization: A Gender Perspective

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Journal: Business and Economics Research Journal
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Young Consumers’ Perspectives of Website Visualization: A Gender Perspective
Erkan Ozdemir, Serkan Kilic
41 – 60


The purpose of this paper is to investigate whether there exist differences in website visualization according to the gender of the respondents as young consumers. For the main purpose, a questionnaire was designed from the literature review, and data were collected from 252 undergraduate students. Analyses of chi-square and t-tests were conducted for hypotheses testing. The results show that six website visualization characteristics are different by young consumers’ gender. These gender-based differences include different color preferences, not using a derogatory statement about rivals, using rounded lines and shapes, 4-6 colors in typeface, female figures in photos and expert language in the websites. The findings of this study reveal how e-marketing executives can harmonize the visualization of websites based on the gender of the targeted young consumers. The main value of this paper is the empirical analysis of the website visualization from a gender perspective. The study explicates to what extent website visualization is important in online purchasing decisions of the young consumers by gender and provides useful information for e-marketing executives. Better understanding of young consumers’ perspectives of website visualization by gender is critical for designing and managing effective websites that can help businesses attract and retain online young customers.

Keywords: Website Visualization, Gender, Young Consumers, E-marketing, Turkey, Internet

JEL Classification: M31, M37 Full Text